Spectator Housing Summit Speech

Spectator Housing Summit Speech

"We want the next generation to have the chance to better themselves, to be able to move where there are the best jobs and the best opportunities".

For me, it’s personal.

Freer Launch Party Speech

Freer Launch Party speech (As delivered)- 19/03/2018

When I first became an MP in 2010, the revolution had been fermented in the town houses of Notting Hill.

The Telegraph Investing in Britain Forum

Telegraph's Investing in Britain Forum speech

Elizabeth Truss's speech on embracing the new economy and encouraging innovation.

I am excited for the future economic prospects of our country.

Of course, in my job, I can see there are economic challenges ahead of us.

Prison Reform

Prison reform- 03/11/2016 

It is a great pleasure to return to Reform – which has led the way on public sector transformation. It was in 2001 that you pointed out the answer to better public services wasn’t to simply “spend more money” but to have reform.

Launch of Great British Food

Launch of Great British Food- 03/11/2015

Thanks very much, Sam [Bompas]. It’s fantastic to be here this evening and to see what I hope is the start of a massive campaign to celebrate great British food.