My opening Statement at the launch of UK Japan trade talks

It gives me great pleasure today, to open formal trade talks between two of the world’s largest economies; the United Kingdom and Japan, and to do this in partnership with my esteemed colleague His Excellency Toshimitsu Motegi.

My Speech at the WTO General Council


I am delighted to be the first Trade Secretary to represent the UK’s independent voice at an international meeting since Peter Walker, almost half a century ago.

My Speech at Start-Up Night Africa

Thank you very much Emma Wade-Smith, HM Trade Commissioner for Africa and thank you very much too to the Lionesses of Africa for organising this fantastic evening. And congratulations on reaching the one million figure, it is really great to hear.

My Speech at the Freedom Ball

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. I would like to start by thanking Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček for choosing London as the venue for this prestigious event marking the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.

My Speech at the Financial Times' Women at the Top event

This is an issue that I have been passionate about since I was a girl and I was presented with a ‘Junior Air Hostess’ badge on the plane by KLM and my brothers were given ‘Junior Pilot Badges’ and I thought “that is unfair” and that is what radicalised me.

My Speech to the World Trade Organisation

Britain & free trade

We know that free trade, facilitated by the rules based multilateral trading system, is an engine of global growth and prosperity.