Power over the powerful - Standpoint

We in Britain are embracing freedom in a way we never have before. The ability to reach across the world and communicate faster than ever. To order food and heat our homes at the touch of a button. To trade instantaneously the goods and services we have created.

The Telegraph Investing in Britain Forum

Telegraph's Investing in Britain Forum speech

Elizabeth Truss's speech on embracing the new economy and encouraging innovation.

I am excited for the future economic prospects of our country.

Of course, in my job, I can see there are economic challenges ahead of us.

Tax free childcare announced this week

Ministers this week outlined the childcare options available for working parents including tax-free childcare worth up to £2000 for children under 12, support for children with disabilities up to age of 17, and a new child care scheme available to the self-employed.

£10 million announced for Thetford development

Today, Housing Secretary Sajid Javid announced Thetford would be awarded £10million investment from the Housing Infrastructure Fund to support the building of new roads, schools, cycle paths and essential groundwork.