Shed the quango comfort blanket - Comment is Free

Quangos (quasi non-governmental organisations) inhabit a twilight zone unaffected by the robust questioning of politics or the rigours of the market. The financial and governance crisis has seen bankers and MPs on the frontline with their practices exposed for all to see, while officials running these bodies lurked in the shadows.

Universities should be put in charge of A Levels - ConservativeHome

The relationship between politicians and academics has not always been an easy one. However, a reforming Government should view universities as allies in the battle for intellectual integrity and the starting point in abolishing the ersatz academic qualifications that are emerging from government quangos.

New media politics revolution

In their book Wikinomics, Dan Tapscott and Anthony Williams described "a new age of participation and mass collaboration ...endangering the future of hierarchies as a mode of organizational structure".