F35s jet into Norfolk

The world’s most advanced fighter jets landed at RAF Marham yesterday evening,(6/6/2018) securing the long term future of the base.

Truss anger at rail delays and overcrowding

South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss today welcomed the Secretary of State for Transport’s statement in the House of Commons when he committed to a special compensation scheme for rail passengers affected by delays and cancellations on the GTR routes.

Spectator Housing Summit Speech

Spectator Housing Summit Speech

"We want the next generation to have the chance to better themselves, to be able to move where there are the best jobs and the best opportunities".

For me, it’s personal.

English Tourism week celebrated in South West Norfolk

South West Norfolk MP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Elizabeth Truss joined Dr John Nash from Two Rivers Brewery, Denver to shine a spotlight on the local area’s tourism industry in a week devoted to travel and exploration during English Tourism Week, March 2018.

Breckland for Jobs launch

On Friday 20th April,at the Charles Burrell Centre, Thetford South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss,with the Department for Work and Pensions, will launch the Breckland for Jobs campaign.