My Speech at the International Trade Dinner

Good evening – I’m delighted to welcome our honoured guests, Vice President Pence and Mrs Pence, and Ambassador Johnson and Mrs Johnson. They are huge friends of Britain and I’m thrilled that they are able to join us tonight. 

Truss congratulates GCSE students

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss today wished all GCSE students the very best with the next stage of their education commenting ‘ Many congratulations to all those students who have worked so hard for their GCSEs – I wish them all the best with the next stage of their education.

Truss welcomes additional funding for NHS in Norfolk

South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss has this week welcomed the government’s announcement of an additional £1.8 bn for 20 hospitals across the country. ‘This is great news and for hospitals like the Queen Elizabeth in Kings Lynn will be transformational for both patients and staff.

Gateways to prosperity!’ Brexit can transform our port cities - The Express

We will do for Britain’s port cities now what we did for the Docklands then, while also boosting the competitiveness of great British exports. We all know that Liverpool grew rich from trade to the USA, about Teesside’s close links to the Pacific, and the rich fishing trade that is the lifeblood

I'm ready to make a US trade deal happen - The Telegraph

Wednesday saw Britain turn the page to a new chapter of optimism and success. Our new Prime Minister embodies a nation with renewed self-confidence, one that’s not afraid to do things differently. And there couldn’t be a better example of that than trade.