Thetford business bouyant about overseas trade deals

Liz Truss, South West Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Secretary of State for Trade, this week visited Fotolec Technologies Ltd in Thetford. The company specialise in lighting solutions and coatings for industry. Liz toured the site and discussed with staff trade issues, manufacturing processes and Brexit. The company was established in 1976 by the Payne family, operating under the name GlassGuard. Originally supplying technical safety lighting and controls for the printing and reprographic industries, the company has now evolved into a leading manufacturer of specialist shatterproof lamps with Fotolec Technologies Ltd at the heart of the business.

Liz Truss said after the visit ‘Great to visit Fotolec Technologies Ltd today; a South West Norfolk business going from strength to strength, with a developing export market to USA. Sales overseas account for thirty percent of their business, with the Great British brand recognised for its quality as well as being able to manufacture products more competitively than other countries.’

Chris Payne, Managing Director Fotolec Technologies commented ‘ Delighted to host Liz Truss today and show her round the factory. We are a growing business, with developing overseas trade. We already trade with the USA and Europe however the continuing uncertainty around Brexit benefits no-one and as a local Thetford business man, I want Brexit done so that we can all move forward.’

Photo: Managing Director Chris Payne and Liz Truss (Photo taken by F Walker)