Norfolk farms to benefit from increase in seasonal workers

This week the Prime Minister has announced plans to allow fruit and vegetable farmers to hire up to 10,000 workers from outside the EU. Farmers from across South West Norfolk have been pressing the government for an expansion of the current scheme of 2500 in 2019, to be increased. And with East Anglia often referred to as England's bread basket, the rich Fenland soil is at the heart of this thriving food and farming sector.

South West Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary candidate Liz Truss commented 'This is excellent news and something I have been lobbying extensively on. I have met farmers from across the constituency who rely heavily on migrant workers to harvest their crops - the expansion of the scheme will provide certainty for farmers. In an age of mechanisation, there is still the need for human touch, like in apple picking. Earlier in the Autumn I joined a local Fenland fruit grower to see first hand the delicate nature of the crop, so this week's announcement is extremely positive.'