February News Report

February report 2020

Westminster Update

Conservative Norfolk MPs are working together to push for improvements across the county.

Thetford business bouyant about overseas trade deals

Liz Truss, South West Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Secretary of State for Trade, this week visited Fotolec Technologies Ltd in Thetford. The company specialise in lighting solutions and coatings for industry.

Norfolk farms to benefit from increase in seasonal workers

This week the Prime Minister has announced plans to allow fruit and vegetable farmers to hire up to 10,000 workers from outside the EU. Farmers from across South West Norfolk have been pressing the government for an expansion of the current scheme of 2500 in 2019, to be increased.

DfT announce Ely rail scheme as one to develop

The Department for Transport this week published their Autumn Update of rail enhancements programmes. Within the document,  the Ely Area Enhancement Capacity has progressed through as a scheme to develop.