Declaration of Interests

Today I am publishing my candidate declaration of interest in line with Ministry of Justice guidance. It is as follows:

Declaration Form

Name of Candidate: Elizabeth Mary Truss

Constituency: South West Norfolk

Parliamentary Candidate Declaration of Interests

A Other Paid Jobs None

B The holding of positions of responsibility in some types of organisations None

C Relevant financial interests, reported against the following subcategories:–

(i) Directorships None

(ii) Clients None

(iii) Land and property None

(iv) Shareholdings None

D Tax Matters I support the next Conservative Government’s requirement that anyone who sits in either house will be required by law to be a full UK tax payer. I confirm that, for the tax year 2014/15, I have not claimed to be, or been treated as not resident, not ordinarily resident or non-domiciled in the UK for tax purposes.

E Any other interests

F Additional Notes