The Government has been clear that Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it.  The referendum campaign was fought, the vote was held, turnout was high, and the public gave their verdict. The country voted to leave the European Union, and it is the duty of the Government to make sure we do just that. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet are clear that it is the United Kingdom's Government's decision on when to trigger Article 50.

Parliament will, of course, have a say, not least through the Great Repeal Bill. The Great Repeal Bill will remove the European Communities Act 1972 from the statute book. This means that the legislation which gives direct effect to all EU law in Britain will no longer apply from the date upon which the UK formally leaves the EU. The existing body of EU law will be converted to UK law wherever practical and Parliament will be free to amend, repeal and improve any law that it chooses.

However, nobody should believe that the negotiation process will be brief or straightforward. Please understand that this is a complicated and evolving process that has never been conducted before.

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