Adult Social Care

An extra £36 billion will be invested in the health and care system over the next three years, including £5.4 billion in adult social care, to ensure it has the resources it needs to recover from the pandemic. In order to fund such a significant increase in permanent spending, the Government has had to make the tough but responsible choice to increase taxes. A new 1.25 per cent dedicated Health and Social Care Levy, based on National Insurance Contributions, is therefore being introduced.

From October 2023, nobody starting care will have to pay more than £86,000 for their personal care over their lifetime, a seismic change in the way care is paid for. As a result, people will rightly no longer have to suffer the fear caused by unpredictable or unlimited care costs.

This is an important start to reforming social care in this country and I look forward to seeing how the Government’s plans progress.